Yes, of course, there is a workaround. It is akin to leasing a car. Imagine if you will that you would be launching a taxi service – do you lease your cars? buy them? or build them? Conventional wisdom would say, lease, then buy and then build. The very same analogy applied to the money transmitter license coverage in the United States. Rather than going and applying for your own licenses, you would be better off with partnering with someone else, who would sponsor you and provide you money transmitter license coverage, under their own license, but using your brand. They would essentially be the program manager. This allows you to go to the market, without incurring expensive upfront costs and short-circuits the time to market drastically. If you determine business is good, then you can start applying for your own licenses, as well as it would have given you enough time to learn about the business, its nuances and the lingo of the business. If it turns out, this business is not for you, you can end your contract and move on. Lease (read: rent) of money transmitter license is the best way forward for startups and is the most affordable one. You can then build your licensing requirements later on, but between the time when you want to think about applying for your own licenses and actually raising money, applying and getting them, leasing a license (i.e. sponsorship) is the best way forward.