It depends if you’re able to cash out into fiat using Bitcoin. If that option is available, then Bitcoin might just be the best option. However, you’d be pretty hard to compete with Transferwise. What is the differential we are talking here between the two? Have you done any analysis of it.

Assuming the amount being sent is say US$ 10,000 – the typical fees between a TransferWise (or other competing) MTOs and Bitcoin is $100 to $25. So the question is how much would you be saving? The differential is US$ 75 (at its widest on average), so what will your savings be? $ 40? $50? $60?

In typical run scenarios at $10,000 – the average saving rate is about $20–$25, but then again, you’re looking at an exchange to buy the bitcoin from and then an exchange to sell the bitcoin from. You might have an arbitrage advantage, but these days, it is neutralized (unless you’re talking about a country like Zimbabwe, etc.)

The savings are very minimal, so it all depends on what you’re comfortable with. One-Company Service or Self-Service.

Needless to say, the argument changes when you are talking very high numbers, and it changes in favor of fiat operator more than cryptocurrency.