It is not that difficult if you know whom to contact and what it entails. Getting access to the fiat rails (on/off ramp) from your crypto exchange (for example) requires you to run a marathon. 26 miles (proverbial example, with each mile being a milestone).

  • Many are not prepared to run the distance (it takes times, patience and persistence).
  • Many companies are not willing to alter their compliance program
  • Many companies are not willing to get licensed (believing they don’t need to be)
  • Many of them are not willing to slightly alter their transaction set
  • Many just give up at the 20th-mile marker.

It is even more of a tedious process if you start fresh. Alternatively, you can contact special consultants who can make this work for you for a fee of course.

All in all, it is very much doable, but you need to have your house in order and lots of patience.

Here is video I did on this subject of crypto friendly banks.