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I would have to go with Microsoft.

For reasons unbeknownst to us and everyone else, Microsoft did not enter the internet of value. Maybe one day there will be a Harvard Case Study on this, but I fail to understand, a company that has a very large presence, just did not go after payments.

The GAFA (Goole, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon), all have payment services and will slowly, but surely be rolling out pseudo-banking based products and services. Yet, you have a giant like Microsoft, that has properties like Microsoft Office, Skype, and the Microsoft XBox and LinkedIn, yet no payments.

For literally pocket change, Microsoft could have acquired MoneyGram. It would have been a sale that the US government would have loved, as well as the shareholders of Moneygram and boom! Suddenly, Microsoft has a worldwide presence. It could have been integrated with Skype, LinkedIn, and XBox for worldwide payments, but for some reason, it was not.

Microsoft did apply for money transmitter licenses, but then for some reason, withdrew its application for California (weird). Whilst Facebook, Apple, and Amazon focus on payments, and Google reinventing the Google Wallet, it seems Microsoft is nowhere to be seen.

They clearly are missing out.