To be honest, whatever comes out, gets outdated quite quickly, due to the rapidly changing nature of this new technology.

Think of blockchain like the inflationary period in the big bang. The stars, planets, moons, black holes, galaxies, etc. have yet to form.

All the books today, are purely theoretical, and whilst many of them will enlist a lot of examples, they are mostly in the distant future and have very little to do with the practical side of things.

In short, skip the books (for now).

It goes without saying, read the core paper by Satoshi Nakamoto and if possible, The Internet of Money by Andreas M. Antonopoulos.

Other than this, highly recommend you follow the twitter accounts of the Top 30 cryptocurrencies (as seen on CMC – CoinMarketCap).

For reading and understanding, I would recommend the following two sources:

  • YouTube (there are 1000s of explainer videos on YT on Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain). What is Blockchain 101 to advance technical seminars? All are online. As I say, YouTube is accelerated learning at its best.
  • The other source is to look at upcoming companies in the space (that also includes incumbents who are changing direction towards blockchain). Read their white-papers and implementation guides. IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, VISA, etc. are a few names you might want to look up. Their papers are more pragmatic and driven towards use cases that are in the distant tomorrow rather than a few years from now. In your search, don’t forget the work of the big consulting firms like McKinsey, BCG, et. al. they too have put out stellar work documents.