Please write a letter to your bank, requesting a Proceeds Realisation Certificate(PRC) for the transaction mentioned.

The bank will check with the counter bank and confirm was indeed an incoming foreign exchange transaction and paid out from the local pre-funded account.

The PRC will suffice for tax purposes to treat this as a remittance (if the sending person is a person), or a foreign-source income, in the event the sending party is a company.

Here is a relavant cut-and-paste I did on another forum.

Payoneer’s local banking partner is Mobilink Microfinance Bank (others have also been added, like SCB, etc.)

Here is the formal procedure for remittances (via Payoneer), which if are not converted, need to be. The second part of this message in Quotes is as-is provided by Mobilink Microfinance Bank:

“1. All the remittances transfer through IBFT, local transfer but these are segregated through the sender account number, in this case FBL must check the sender account number, we have provided our group email address further the the bank unable to approach us, then they can also raised their request for PRC through 1-link.

The procedure to get the PRC is the beneficiary raised their request to their branch for PRC, some time branch directly approach us and some time they raised the request to their Head Office, then their HO connected to us and raised the request of PRC. We are sending the PRCs through TCS to the concern branch or HO, the branch handed over the PRCs to the customer and get the receiving.

Customer can approach us for PRC by looping their branch, but we have to provided the PRC to the branch/bank, as branch take the receiving and acknowledgement.”

You are entitled to this remittance challan (certificate). The regulator in this matter is the Pakistan Remittance Initiative:

For Complaints you may visit PRI website:…Or email at: [email protected]

When submitting your query to PRI website, or emailL

Please let them know the entire story. Not just brief information.

You Name


Your Bank Account

Your Branch

Transfer Amount

Date of Transactions and

Your Payoneer ID reference.

Any other screenshot or communication that you have with your bank where you were denied this.