If it involves US Dollar clearing, then the answer is yes. They are quite strict and if your bank that does US Dollar clearing is not strict, consider it a blessing.

Most international banks are not as uptight and strict as the US Banks. However, when it comes to competing landscapes, then banking is quite strict.

Allow me to explain.

There is a huge derisking phenomenon that is of a direct result/consequence of the United States and its influence over other banks with regards to trade concerning the US Dollar.

In Europe, alliances (read: conglomerate monopolies) are being set up to force island nation banking to give up their quest for tax-free havens so that the money is not parked in the Carribean, etc. but in mainland Europe (for example).

All this has created unnecessary fear, uncertainty, and doubt, in the banking sector, thus even routing banking matters are given more scrutiny. Just like the aviation world changed after 9/11, so did banking.

Post large-fines-on-banks-era, expect to give additional information on your transactions that are international in nature. Expect to provide a source of funds explanations, contract copies, etc. Expect all the things that make you frustrated on why the bank is questioning on your money. All that will happen.

Banking used to be friendly and soft, not anymore. It has gotten considerably strict.